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It is our mission to provide our clients with the highest caliber of representation before the IRS and State tax agencies for tax resolution and tax debt relief.  We put your needs first!

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What our clients say about us:

Rosie B. says:

“Zuzana Harper is the ultimate professional. Regrettably we needed professional counsel and intervention on overdue taxes. I spoke with a large number of consultants – tax attorneys, CPAs and enrolled agents. I am sad to say there are many consultants (with all the trappings of a professional firm) – promising you fantastic outcomes – better than you could have hoped for or imagined – and asking for very large, non-refundable payments up front. Good judgement can be clouded by anxiety and fear, and I almost fell prey to one of these consultants. Luckily, I slept on it, woke up and started searching again – and this time, landed on Harper Tax Solutions.
Our tax matter has been negotiated. Zuzana has provided careful, thoughtful guidance throughout the processes. Her detailed analysis of our situation and her efforts on our behalf with the IRS have resulted in a fair and realistic solution. Zuzana was thorough, informative and pro-active. She was able to answer every question I had with accurate, detailed and easy to understand information, providing clarification and guidance that others could not.
She was able to anticipate the IRS’s requests, and provide realistic advice with our best interests at heart. She is extremely savvy when deciding how best to share information with the IRS and negotiate resolutions. Her command of the tax code is impressive. It is abundantly clear that her professionalism and knowledge garner the respect of her clients and the IRS agents she is working with on their behalf resulting in the best possible outcomes.
Zuzana Harper is immensely professional, knowledgeable and kind. She is providing us will ongoing monitoring with the IRS and tax consultation to ensure we never have a misstep with the IRS again. I cannot convey the degree of stress reduction, renewed hope, and confidence I quickly came to enjoy as I began working with Zuzana to resolve our situation.”


As a member of both, the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), and National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), our Enrolled Agent, Zuzana Harper adheres to a strict code of moral integrity that is difficult to find in a tax debt relief specialist. Whether you are looking for assistance with an IRS audit, installment agreement, offer in compromise, bank levy, wage garnishment, or business liability, our tax solutions can help. We offer a no-nonsense approach to tax debt relief and we never make promises we cannot keep. We build and develop close relationships with our clients, because we truly care about their well-being and success. We want our clients to let us worry about their tax problems so they can get on with more important things in life. Our goal is to represent each client with dignity, respect, honesty, loyalty, and integrity while providing them with a solid and highly ethical tax resolution service. Fighting the IRS and State tax agencies alone can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to deal with them. We are very familiar with the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and we fight for our clients to make sure the IRS adheres to these codes. Additionally, we pinpoint the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) sections pertaining to a specific tax matter relevant to each individual client and utilize them to negotiate an appropriate resolution.

We never assume that a “one-size-fits-all” approach will work for every client.

Whether you are local or in another State, we can help with your tax problems!

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